Mysterious robot: MI-04


a group of more technological advanced beings living on an island near Okoto assembled 55 AIs/robots. but one of them,unit-04,had a lag in it's system. It develloped free will. Unit-04 escaped the island,stealing a small hover ship. he managed to make it to Okoto,he now roams the island,trying to find a meaning to his existence.

my best MOC yet. It was a pain to make that head X(

more pictures can be found here:


Looks pretty cool!

Robots. Yiss.

Robots are cool.


@ToaVuhii everybody loves robots.

Wow, love this! The lack of armour and exposed TECHNIC really gives it that robotic feel, as does the overall look (proportions and bulk, etc.). The spots of yellow and red do seem a bit odd, though, and are fairly distracting. I would say this about the blue pins as well, but the black versions are so hard to come across that I no longer see them as an issue.

than you! the yellow is there to give him more of an industrial feel,and the red,well,i just don't hav enough balljoints.

In my opinion the yellow's unnecessary since he looks very industrial anyway. As for the ball joints, that's an understandable issue.

yeah well,i like him like this so i doubt i'll change him.

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I like robot mocs smile

of courssse

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I like the build.

fourth unit made
number 2 on his chest


i realised this error after naming him xD

You are going to hate me... I dont like that head at all!


jklol. Everybody has their opinion.
may i know why you don't like it?

It looks like flat head with boiler attached to it! kissing_cat

I don't know why...but the design keeps reminding me of this guy:

Anyways, 7/10. I can excuse the yellow, but the red


Yeah. the concept and overall look was abit inspired by chappie.
the red is due to lack of black balljoints and axles

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Personally I don't think it's your best, but it is pretty neat. I love those hands XD


Oh. My. God.

Such greeble. Many robot. Wow!

Have a cookie, good sir! :cookie: