Nagau the Hero of the Ta-Matoran

Alright, so I made this MOC last night after I got home from a Thanksgiving party at a friend’s place. She is neither a Toa nor a Dark Hunter, or anything else that carries a particular title. She is basically a vigilante hero-type character, primarily focused on protecting the Ta-Matoran, though she is willing to help anybody in need.

As before, any criticisms can be spoken freely below. And as a particular inquiry, any ideas on how to fix her arms? They are way to loose. I connected them to her torso with a simple blue pin (I tried to set up a gear function for stability but with my limited pieces and lack of knowledge on this subject I failed miserably). So basically, I need a way to make her arms have the same posability they possess now, without ruining the overall aesthetic I have going.


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Remove the huna butt and beef up the shoulders a tiny bit and you’re set to go.

I feel that would sacrifice the feminine look I have going. She is meant to look graceful and well, sexy (for a plastic toy made of bionicles!!! XD).

No. just no.
This MOC is messy,gappy,boxy and i can’t even figure out what her neck is.

[quote=“Hithyfit, post:3, topic:15635”]
She is meant to look graceful and well, sexy
[/quote]Sorry for being so rude,but honestly you didn’t accomplish this,like,at all.

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Yah I kinda agree… It is a good MOC all in all but the torso and head make it look more weird and not-sexy…

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Hey man, don’t worry about it. I encourage free speech on all my posts. I am inclined to disagree with you, however, though I will admit her lower arms are pretty gappy.

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I have to agree with ghosty and then some.

Those gappy arms are the least of your worries when it comes to this build.

The build is bad, ignoring how you tried and failed to make it sexy, it just is poorly constructed, it’s cluttered, gappy, and flowless, and the moc has no color blocking, and then there’s the open pins and joints everywhere which make it look half finished.
also why does it have a sandwich for a head?

yeah, not a fan.
I can’t even think of any way to improve it other than starting over.
sorry that this isn’t exactly the most constructive criticism.


Kind of looks like some sort of upper-class Steltian, with those proportions and the head design.

From what I’ve seen, you are more negative that I am. But I do agree with most of your points.

As for the moc itself, not bad, she overall needs some fine tuning, and I’d scrap the head entirely. Other than that I really like it.

Why do I see her Having Blue hair via the Curtains

#harsh critique inbound I guess
that is truly a neck of sexy proportions.
she doesn’t look graceful either, with those legs im surprised she can even stand

The moc itself has an alright colourscheme, the silver botches it all.
The lower arms are trash, armouring of this is weird, the neck is bad,
the back looks fine, il ignore the obvious butt
because y’know, all female MOCs with a butt like that just mean that they are naked
like quick rant
but seriously when people make a butt it always comes off with that implication that they are half naked
the feet look weird, and TBH
The entire MOC looks weird
the first picture makes it look like it wants to die on the inside
it also has a sandwich head
Sorry for the little critique, on a MOCing block atm, so cant really help with those arms