Nagina the Av-Matoran

Nagina is a female Av-Matoran who is ahead of her time. She is highly intelligent and envisions herself rebuilding Karda-Nui into a technological metropolis similar to Metru Nui. A skilled inventor, she was the one who created the Rocket Boosters that allowed the Av-Matoran to travel airborne around Karda Nui.

However, she is often shunned by other Av-Matoran for her dorky and hermit-like nature, as she spends her days inside a cave building gadgets that often turn out to be a failure

Wields a custom-made light staff to channel her limited elemental power

A friendly spar against Nitsar

Staff can be stored on her back.

Building this gal was quite fun. Her custom body is actually extremely simple, but I think it pulls off the feminine “curves” quite well, instead of the basic Av-Matoran body.

Comments, Criticism and improvements are always welcome!


Great job! She’s even better than your previous matoran. BTW, wot are those feet?


Noice. i like the body.

That name thought


@helryx those are from the Ben 10 constraction line

@Ghosty Thanks!

It’s pronounced “Nah-gee-nah” :expressionless:


This is an okay MOC, though I have a few problems with it:

-That purple piece on the torso is very oddly placed. I’d suggest either getting rid of it, or moving it somewhere else.

-I ain’t a fan of the Ben 10 feet. They look too skinny and beast-like for this MOC.

-The hands are dark gray, yet there is very little dark gray on the MOC. I’d suggest adding more dark grey, maybe Vahki feet?

-That silver piece is a bit distracting, though I guess I can buy that it’s a backpack or something.

-The trans-blue Kaukau seems very out of place on a MOC where the colors are so dark. Maybe add some bright/trans blue pieces?

But yeah overall its a decent build, but needs a few color swaps.


Ben 10 had the ccbs socket strength? The more you know.


What made you think they didn’t? :confused:

@Political_Slime, thanks for that lengthy review! Though I tried giving her the Vahki feet, and they looked too much like heavy boots…so I stuck with the small Ben 10 feet (also girls have small feet).

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It’s not the size, its the shape. If you want small feet you could go with Metrutoran feet.


They came out before HF and originally HF had the glatorian sockets.


It looks pretty cool. I like it a lot

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First off: change the name. Immediately.
Next, it’s pretty basic. I don’t see anything that special about it. The weapons are both awkward and strange. The feet, while I see why you chose them, look evil.

Overall I can’t say I’m a big fan.


Change the name to “Naginata” and give her one and all will be fixed. Her current weapon seems a bit weird, anyway, and the purple is out of place.


so everyone saying the name needs to be changed must have a pretty dirty mind (Ranaki gets a pass though) because I read this a Naa-Gee-Nah immediately



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I love how people are pointing out the names
I didn’t even notice it
RANAKI of all people did not notice it.


I am confused…what is wrong with the name???

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replace the “n” with a “v”

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I am not going to touch that spoiler tag…

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Than I guess you’ll never know :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am not sure I want to…

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