Naho Village Concept MOC

I made this at 4:00 last night after the watching the podcast. It is meant to convey more realistically what a village set could be like.

The figures are placeholders based off of one of the pictures from the podcast, and in a “real” set, there would be more of them.

The set is made fully modular, with each feature being swappable with the others. (The farm module is painful to separate in LDD.)

One idea is to make all village sets modular using the same system. This would allow a child to make a “super village” using parts from several sets.

I know Brickonical is not really at the set prototyping stage yet, but meh.


Interesting idea, but maybe the leaf huts of MNOLG would fit better if this is a floating village.

You should doing something like this…

It would be super cool.


@Drahcir_Nosnevets Maybe, but it would probably be overly complicated to make the shape of it for what is intended to be a small~medium set.

@Oomatu k, working on it. I will probably only build one boat though. Maybe with an island.

EDIT: @Oomatu Done:

You can pinpoint the exact brick I gave up on.
Hint: the roof.