Nai, Jungle defender

This is a moc. it is a complex one at that. many DAYS. of brainstorming led me to do a MOC i didnt even plan to do. i planned to do some kind of DJ Version of Lewa but with the custom limbs i just did something else Nai, the Jungle defender New version additions: Added Misc. peices for decoration, more vines.


Looks like this is going to be lit,
But seriously this looks really great

I don’t think it looks bad per se, but it does have its issues. The torso is really long with arms that are a bit too short compared to the rest of the body. As for the legs, they’re a bit too smooth and blocky. This can be fixed by using a preexisting limb piece or adding some greebles.

With some work, it can be a pretty neat MOC.

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Any other complaints about the arms or do you just want me to make them longer?

They’re not too bad. I would just suggest trying out a design that allows for more articulation at the elbows. Some armor on the upper arms would also be pretty shnazzy.

Looks like “piter la angila” dressed up for halloween

oh jeez that’s stretched out


…shorten it or beef her up more? It looks awkward, and the armor placement doesn’t entirely work

Shoulders need to widen(but not be broad) and moved up… one or two pieces up. Also lengthened a slight bit to atleast reach the thighs in a stock pose. The Lower legs or the legs in general need to have a more defined shape

Her torso seems abit stiff and, while I guess it might be hard to make a torso that can move naturally, I’d say that’s a safe bet


Okay I THINK. this might be better But You @JMP The arms are not too low its just the construction of the neck tricking you here heres a picture of the neck

As you may also notice the arms are ATTACHED to where the neck is. so i cant move the arms up without moving the neck and also making the body alot taller. And with some brain damage (On my part yes i litteraly cracked my skull open as a kid) I Lack the ability to brainstorm all of that without making it look TERRIBLE. so i will try but dont expect a good outcome

Try using hordika necks, they are good for connections or just use classic ball joints but that’s my insight

Since this is ldd and you have no part limitations, maybe since he said widen the shoulders a bit, you could try attatching two of the 2 long liftarms to the axle, and attatch the balls to that? Iunno.

btw I mentioned the part limitations because I can never find those friggin pieces. 2 long liftarms are like gold.


Umm… I… What? I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this. It’s just kinda… weird.


Put those 3 long liftarms with the pin hole in the middle where the arms attach, then where the neck joint connects add a longer beam and attach the arms to them, so the shoulders should look right. Also that one connection for the neck and shoulders REALLY hurts the whole build, those parts break really fast IRL and it wouldn’t be the most stable.


not sure you should limit it to just a bar going through the shoulder.

Maybe have disconnected shoulders? Or atleast on seperate pieces rather than connected. Might allow for better flow and articulation

I mean, this is far better than your other stuff, but it really just looks weird… The double chest armour looks odd, and the position of the top one makes the arms look out of place. The armour on the limbs really just floats on them, making for some strange shapes and a bare look in general.

You should probably fix the proportions, they don’t work well.

What do you think i have been working on. School i guess but still i have been working on it heavily and the update might be today or tomorow but we will just have to see :slight_smile:

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That’s good, it’s good to see updates on mocs

And i overwhelmed myself. i tweaked the innards of the torso so i could get rid of the Double torso and i added… Plants. YAY. Also the update is out now.

i always thought that custom limbs were just like armor for regular limbs. so thats kinda what i did here just had some blank space for custom limb armor to show through

This, is a bucket.
Dear God…
There’s more.

…references aside, this looks better than your other stuff. On the other hand it’s incredibly…flat. Almost to the point of being two dimensional.

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The game and watch of bionicle Mocs.