Nakashi the Silent One v2

Name: Nakashi
Abilities;shadows, flight, and stealth.
Bio; a payed bounty hunter and assassin. No one knows or has seen anything personal about her (or at least knew or seen and lived to tell.) is usually found in the darkness of caves and other abandoned areas as a nomad.

Design choices
Heavily inspired by the standard black body white mask horror killer, though particularly by the blood widow from the movie blood widow. (Shame such a good character didn't get a better movie.)

She now uses modified arm builds from Kaosa and a custom torso. Replaced her knife with a new sword as I just liked it better.

Only two colors on her; black and white. The hordika necks, friction extenders, and 5 rods unfortunately don't come in any other colors.

Here's a reference pic of v1

Sorry if it's hard to see but you know black is difficult to capture. Just tell me in the comments and I can retake a picture or two.


To be honest I like the first version better. The loss of the giant hand makes the build look a bit mundane.

Dr_Chronos; What giant hand? I get the feeling you mean her whip but she never had a giant hand. You mean her mask?
Nekkran; what giant hand?! What are you guys looking at? I never built her a giant hand. Do you mean the whip?

Alright; so I'll take off one link on the ends and add it to the main section. Thank you mr_chronos

It looks cool. Good job, though the giant hand is a bit unusual

So that's what it is. Because the colors on the whip are the same as the MOC it looks more like a sickly giant hand.

If you want it to look more like a whip I suggest you lengthen the main rope section.

Pretty nice aesthetic. I like the 'face' bit you have on this guy, though I think the pelvis could use some pieces to fill up those gaps