Nalaku The Blacksmith

Friend’s self moc, enjoy


All you need is some custom sewed wing cloths and it would be perfect.

Reminds me of the rescent Antroz MOC posted here not long ago.


It could benefit from some cloth to fill out the wings, but this is otherwise solid!

Not bad. He did a pretty great job.

It’s his self moc but this is my version of it

I really like this moc, good job!

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Nice job. Hope he loved it

By Ghal Maraz, that’s a nice hammer.

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Quite nice. The shaping’s pretty nice, and the colors are done well. I especially like the Bohrok teeth used in the torso. The only thing that bugs me are the grey half-beams in the center of the torso. They would look much better in black, IMO.

I like it, can you post more pictures?

ill see what i can do =U

Love the shaping and colouring here. It’s a very nice build, and that hammer is simple yet very elegant