Name Suggestions?

Hey guys, I need some names for these two Matoran Mocs. Nothing much, but I’d love some feedback.

Any suggestions?


Green one NEEDS to be Oddball.


YES. I fully support this idea.

Uh oh, looks like some of the pictures didn’t upload properly.

still needs to be Odball

No way known is that Oddball.

For a START:
Where’s his Sherman tank?

Also I should mention that even though I forgot to get a good shot of it, the green one has a PegLeg.

I must ask do these have elements/backstories? I usually base my characters names off of their elements or backstories.

e.g. My name is based off of the word “ichor,” which is supposedly the golden blood of the gods in Greek mythology. The reason for this is that my Self-MOC has a running thing behind him where he can basically get killed and he somehow survives, be it activating his mask at the end of its countdown just in time to escape an explosion or a freak meteor storm keeping him from floating off into space.

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Bakura and Melvin.


I’ve really gotten nothing in particular, but lately I’ve been thinking about putting them in an idea for a comedic style YouTube series.

Range and Annon?

Based off of the words Orange and Cannon.

Yeah I know kinda lame but I think they sound cool.

I’d say Rino and Puki.

You’re welcome! :laughing:

They look nice! I especially like the orange one, I’d love to see some more pictures of him!