Nameless Seven-Year-Old Self Moc

This guy has been a part of my life for half my life. He's a hero turned amnesiac who fell from the sky. The farming village that took him in was home to his teacher-to-be Damuri. Shady stuff starts happening, and HEY! Whaddaya know, he's actually a toa. (Did the height give it away?) Anyway, he's got friends in his new hometown! They all for, the town's new toa team, the Toa Kini. (cos Kini Nui, get it?) I could go on for hours, but I won't. This guy is a remnant of my past self's perception of a main character. I got a bunch of story saved up. It's mostly garbage, as I have just demonstrated. A re-tooling is in order. I'll definitely keep the bootleg honorary toa team idea, though. This is the current version of him sitting on my shelf. It's the best. i could do. Do you like it? I think it's pretty cool. The robot arm is an homage to and old idea of mine that was a story plot device excuse for my lack of parts. "Their limbs are different because they got infected by shadow energy" I would always say. Aah, that's enough reminiscing. Enjoy the TTV message boards!


I... I don't know man... it's abit simple.... uhh...

looks at the backstory

.... Yeah I don't know what to make of him....

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As I said, the backstory is very old. Most second graders are not very good at writing cohesive stories.


Not bad stuck_out_tongue

I can't imagine having a moc that long...

but why would you keep a moc with that type of backstory and design for so long?

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For sentimental value, man! I love my life. This moc is connected to alot of good times. It's like a token of my happiness, or something. I was so freaking proud when I built him all those years ago. I simply couldn't let him go.


true. But no revamps? Or are you out of parts?

Oh no, THIS IS the latest revamp. The commentary is on this exact moc. And yes, even the latest version pales in comparison to anybody who has more parts; I believe that is to be expected. I'll photograph him in more detail at a later time. He's actually got alot more going on that what you can tell from this one shot. Don't expect anything too crazy though.




well it's fine

what a creative and original idea.

honestly, it's basic, but it looks, alright, the weapon looks pretty nice,
though it does look like he has tf combiner feet.
also that poor kalmah foot.

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I don't think you understand the self parody aspect of the post. I'm poking fun at a backstory I came up with at half my age; of course it's trash. That was the joke I think. I'm sorta G2 Gali at humor.

Now, addressing other matters at hand, Or, leg, rather, that is a fair point you make. Having this guy around so darn long has desensitized me to things like that.

Oh yeah, and that Kalmah foot. Magnifying glasses are fun.


Behold, Toa Mata vibe

Behold, being drugged with energized protodermis

I now like his story by default

I like the concept behind it, and the execution is... okay... the shins are incredibly bulky while the rest of him is incredibly skinny (courtesy of using the Inika build.) You could start by bulking up his limbs, either by adding more armor or making some of the body parts custom.

Same for you. Looking forward to seeing what you do with this.


I still have my self mocs from when I was little