Names of the villages on Okoto

Do you think there will be Ta-Koto, Ga-Koto and so on?

I'm asking just because I'm not really okay with Ko-Koto... You know "kokot" means "c**k" in Slovak...

Also, how will be Wahis called?



Personally, given the Japanese styled word 'Okoto' I think they will throw a mystery on us by calling everything Yomi, e.g. Ta-Yomi, Ga-Yomi, etc...

Yomi, meaning 'Realm Of The Dead' would throw an interesting twist into the whole idea of Time Travel and add another layer of mystery to the island of Okoto. Then you can also add the idea of Skull Spiders living in the different realms of the dead for an even more supernatural theme. It would also imply a deeper meaning to the word Okoto as (Similar to Otaku) it could mean 'No life'

Essentially... supernatural mystery with Bionicle exploring life after death stuck_out_tongue

Other than the supernatural theory I mentioned, the idea of calling each segment a Yomi could work. Alternatively they could keep it as Koro's and Wahi's


My theory is that they may just call them "Fire Village" or "Village of Fire" Instead of actually giving them an identifiable mark. LEGO isn't going to be too heavy with the "matoran" terms this time around, or at least not for a couple years. They want it to be more open to all audiences, with little knowledge (or desire to know) so they're going to keep it nice and simple. Fire Village.


If it will be like you say I'd be happy... Matoran terms are best but the wierd names like "Okoto"....

"Everything changed when the Fire Village attacked."
... Sorry, I had to.
But yeah, I don't see them using any fictional terms for the villages...



That is a neat idea, but comes out of nowhere with zero story backing - I'm curious as to where you heard it.


I was thinking of different words to call a location and noticed that each area was divided into different segments or realms. Just searched Japanese words meaning 'Realm' and Yomi appeared (Meaning realm of the dead)

Rest of the theory came form the idea of Okoto being 'perfect balance', therefore where there is life there is death. Add to that the idea of time, creation and destruction, rebirth and it just felt like a fun theory stuck_out_tongue

Though I wouldn't be surprised if they go with 'Yomi'


I would be very surprised, though I think it'd be neat.

I think the most likely naming system beyond just regular, English names such as "Village of Fire," are individual names like we had in 09 with the Glatorian, such as "Vulcanus."



Shouldn't the word c**k in the main post be censored?

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Why the hell are you so biased against roosters?

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I'm guessing he mistook it as the bad word iteration

Also, since Okoto sounds asian, I think the villages/regions will be asian-ish names. Just my thought

I'm guessing you mistook my post as serious.

Okoto is Japanese.

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...what's the translation? I'm sorta bad at asian words...

I believe it means "eye" or something like that.

So it's an 'eye'land? I 'see' what lego did there

Gets shot

I wonder if the villages will have eye-pun names in DBZ style?


There could be localization changes. (assuming they go with the elemental prefixes)

Sorry m8 smiley i just had to because it'd be very funny if I will be discuting new storyline with my bro and sudenkly say: It was in Kokoto smiley It's like C**koto in english. So sorry it's one of the most bad words in Slovak...

I agree. I think LEGO will be using more generic terms. Strong terms like "Toa" will most likely remain. Maybe the Wahis will simple be know as "The Realm of Fire" or "FIre Realm", and so on.

If they branch off to different Island they might do something like "The Island of Fire" or "The Island of Water". Although, "The Island of Water" does sound like a misnomer.

Also, along with the different island idea, has anyone consider if the island might brake apart because of the mask of ultimate power?