Naming Rahkshi?

Some other posts got me wondering, if you were for some reason to decide to name the various Rakhshi and their Kaitas besides the 6 the Toa Nuva faced, like the Heat Vision ones for example, what system would you use? BTW, why did you choose the Kraata powers you did?

  1. I didn’t choose the powers. The story team did.
  2. Same system I always used – put a bunch of letters together to sound BIONICLE-ish, and see if I can get it past a legal check.

Bionicle-ish :sweat_smile: I love it

The TV Tropes page says that they created colors and you drew up the powers. Should I have my friend correct that?

I made suggestions, but the team had to approve anything, and some things got changed.


Do you remember what got changed?