Naruto Animal Spirits The Fanfiction (Storyline and Disclaimers)

So quick disclaimer, I have an RP for this topic, and its a bit far fetched but Its literally just called Naruto Animal Spirits (RP Topic). This is a different version of it In my opinion.

This is the fanfiction part to it. The original story for the RP I had in mind will be what is seen here. So yeah anyone who is on the RP is probably gonna get triggered, so im sorry but I really wanted to do this first but my stupidness put the RP first.
So for the changes to the story I will have Change bracketed after the changes.

(so quick question, @BlackBeltGamer98 can i use your character from the RP in here?) ///////////////////

Naruto Animal Spirits (The FanFiction)
Storyline: During Boruto’s Universe, Before and During his Kawakii fight. (Change)
Yuki Uchiha, a hidden Uchiha shinobi, works towards his power and helps defend his village with his friends against a rising second Akatsuki group. (Small Change)

Main Character (s): Yuki Uchiha, Nya (Change), Rarui (Change)
Main villain (s): Reanimated Jiraiya, Reanimated Neji Hyuga, Reanimated Shisui Uchiha, Reanimated Kushina Uzumaki, Reanimated Izuna Uchiha.
Reanimated Obito Uchiha. (ALL CHANGES)

(Just wanna get Yuki’s Sheet outta the way)
Pre-Fight Yuki Uchiha

Age: (Pre-Fight) 17 (Kawakii Fight) 19
Chakra Nature: Lightning
Kekkei Genkai: Mangekyou Sharingan
Abilities: Crazy Fast Handsigns, Ambidextrous with a sword. Blitz running (Pretty much he can use Lightning to make him run faster, like the Flash.)

Mangekyou Abilities: Fugasukami (Blows the target up with electricity, like a more explosive Amaterasu), Susano’o,

Kirā hon’nō (a technique that enhances Taijutsu abilities by making your physical attacks faster and enhanced with small thunder claps, effectively causing a small knockback)

Raijin Star
Lightning Spear
Lightning Piercer
Star Bomb
Lightning and Shadow Clone Jutsu
Shadow Thunder Strike
Water Style: Tsunami Crash
Shadow Flicker & Shadow Flicker Barrage
Fire Ball Jutsu

Transformations: (Wolf) Sage Mode, Sage Susano’o, Sage Sharingan.

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I don’t mind, just want to discuss what abilities and such Yasha will have in this just so that things can work properly.

This shouldn’t be possible canon-wise.

Just saying

Ah, but that’s what fanfic’s all about: making the impossible possible.

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Be reminded, this isnt meant to be canon but i will try to stick to the canon as closely as i can.

Hell Im combining Sharingan with Sage Mode. Already OP works but it IS possible as far as I can read.

Plus @LTVmocs, I based the new Pain (Jiraiya, Shisui etc) off of Narutos, Itachis and Sasukes memories, kinda like how the original Pain was made up of Jiraiyas old enemies or students (Hence Tendo Pain).

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No problem. Do what you feel is best with the characters.