Nasill the shrinking amnesiac

Nasill is a Toa of ...something or once was as she has lost her elemental powers, her Suva and memories alike in the Great cataclysm.

Nasill simply wanders now, using her mask to fulfill the duty of a Toa... or atleast what she believes it to be.

Ok about the build itself. I simply wanted to build a small, well articulated Toa type character with two of my favourite Bionicle colours.


There was once a MOC with a similar colour scheme, the creator of which claimed it was a toa of lemons, a Ci-Toa, if you will.

This is much better than that MOC.


Sweet build, with a neat color scheme!

I'm sorry, the build looks great, but the color scheme makes me cry..

I promise it is not as bad a it looks, my camera just over saturates the orange.

though I do like using colours that tend to clash.

It's not a bad MOC, I just don't like the clash... It just doesn't seem to work for me :confused:

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I must admit, I have never seen this colourscheme used before
Great build, I don't have any major complaints with it


one word but comming from someone who is a master of the compact articulate build that is great, thanks.

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I'm not that good.

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Now there's a color scheme you don't see everyday. The MOC looks pretty solid in itself and I like the choice of mask.

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Really nice. The colors are a little weird not because of the Keetorange and Green combo, but because there are 3 shades of Green. Those being Mata Green, Green Lantern Green and Metallic Green.

Otherwise this is a great MOC.

Nice looking MOC, I love that you use a Rahkshi head for her chest armor and the body is okay, I like the use of those RoboRiders heads and the mask fits well with the MOC. The arm and legs are good plus I under stand why you did that mini custom upper leg which I have a question of this:

If there was a bright light orange clone trooper leg armor, would you change her leg to that or just keep it as it is?

Probably not as the groove in the back of the Ignika leg allows for a deeper bend then any ccbs bone would.

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Looks really neat!