Nathan Evo, Tactical Asault Hero

With crime in the sprawling mega-cities reaching record highs, Hero Factory has taken drastic measures, giving heroes like Evo the roles of judge, jury, and executioner…

(firstly, I spelled assault wrong because it censors the correct way) The only reason I even made this guy was because I wanted someone who could wield the assault rifle he has, and the only reason I made the assault rifle was because I thought the 3 long pin would make a great barrel to a gun, so yeah, even for me this guy was a little unexpected. I took a lot of inspiration from Soldier 76 from Overwatch, and used some pretty common designs for the leg that I had been wanting to try out. His legs are a little long for his torso, though I think it looks more stylized than it does disproportionate. His neck on the other hand, just looks like he’s a giraffe when he is looking straight ahead, though hopefully I was able to cover that up well enough in the pictures. Constructive criticism is appreciated as always, and thanks for viewing! :slight_smile:

Super-powered Enforcer


Yeah, those pins and it’s cross-axel equivalent make fantastic gun barrels. (done it many times myself)


Looks great, but you should add some shoulder armor IMO.

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Very nice revamp! The weapons are definitely a highlight here!
I also really like the way you posed this guy and took the pictures, it adds a lot of character!

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Yeah, his shoulder/neck area is definitely a little lacking, though mounting shoulder armor would be tough without infringing on pose-ability.

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This looks amazing!
I love the look you’ve given him, more of a soldier rather than a super buff warrior with a gun arm type of guy
His weapons are really cool, and I love how smooth he looks.

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Simple looking but incredibly effective. Great job! 8/10

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Thanks, I try to have fun when taking pictures, so I’m glad you enjoyed the poses.

Yep, soldier was exactly what I was going for, I’m glad you liked it.

Thank ye.


Evo, the man!

I love the weapons, and especially the S.W.A.T. shield that forced me to do a double-take when I saw it.