Necrome (June 2015 Update)

Well the head finally got some better headgear, and the tires are inverted, they do look a bit better thanks @JMP.



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Good job man! love the new look!


Sometimes just bumming around biotube is all it takes.


I see…

still very nice.

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The new head is very nice. Good job…

This is even better than before! Keep up the good work!

Hey look the head is much better now.

Now make a custom torso and get rid of the singular armor piece and it will be quite nice, quite nice indeed,


thank you.

though where he has so much trans green it seems odd to not have lime eyes.

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The silver fits him better, I tried lime eyes and they just look to weird to me…


I can respect that.

And I just like how soulless it makes him look…like he was turned into this and now he is just a angry monster,

It is actually the power of a galactic being that lives inside him that makes his eyes like that.

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OP plz Nerf.


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He rarelyuses the galatic beings power, planetary defensive puposes only.

Oh man! That mix of black, dark grey, dark green and trans neon yellow looks fantastic!

Edited title -legomaster (Recommend you change title to something that won’t be outdated as quickly like “Necrome (June 2015 update)”)

Thanks, also thanks for the heads up on the title

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Every time I see his lower legs and feet I imagine him jumping and leaping great heights and distances, sorry I just had to tell you…

Acutally not wrong, he is very acrobatic.

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It’s just those tires (is that what they are) that look like springs or shocks or something for jumping, and if it ties in with the character all the better…

They are inverted tires, they are supposed to be wieghted boots so he can kick harder.

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