Necrome Toa of Gravity (link and decription)

((This is my first post here on the TTVpodcast Boards so do expect more though, now, just to let you all know, this is my most recent VIDEO of him and looks drastically different from this, I do have pictures but I can’t post them yet, so I give you a link to the video and a description for now. (P.s. I’m using my own personal island for him.))

Being one of the last remaining survivors of Okorna Nui before its destruction, He was able to escape the power that ended the island, or at least most of him, his right arm was badly damaged as he escaped and couldn’t save it, so, adrift on a small boat, with a amputated arm, and looking like all hope to find land is lost, the boat hits a small island, small enough you could see the other side, with a shack on it, a black smiths shack, a mythical legendary creator named Melder saw the boat wash ashore, finding him in it he hauls him to his shack and nursed him back to health with making him a new arm out of Proto steel as well as armor, he thanks the blacksmith and asks him if he can repay him in any way he can, so he decides to take him under his wing and teach him the ways of a blacksmith, after 10 years Necrome masters the way of the black smith as well as mastering his element completely, now he searches through out the islands to find the ones responsible for the death of an island. (BTW he is also Left handed)

Link to the video


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I like his backstory

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^^What he said^^

I like his forearms.

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It’s not exactly the best moc I’ve seen or anything, but it’s got some pretty good forearms. I actually have a pretty similar forearm design for one of my MOC’s.

The arms are good.
That said the legs are meh.
It is still decent.

Thanks man, I actually made that up on the fly.

Everyone likes his arms, if I could post his newest pics, you could see he doesn’t use them anymore.

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