Need Help Mixing G1 and G2 Pieces

Hello, I want to create a moc that combines both the current bionicle system and the old. I need tips on trying to make the best toa that I can with parts that I have.

Here is what I have so far:

Thank you

Well, what parts DO you have?


As said by @MiraculousPrime, We kind of need to see the pieces that you have to work with, Without them, we can’t help you with anything. :wink:


I have 2 metro legs and feet, 2015 bionicle armor peices, masks head, gearbox, and the rest is ccbs

Glatorian neck, Inika/Vahki waist, gearbox from Toa okoto and armor of your choice all mixed together with technic parts (in a neat fashion of course) and you should be able to make the torso with the G2 gearbox working (this will be tricky but definitely do-able.) for the limbs that should be up to you but I reccoment the basic custom upper limb design made of two{“ii”:1} and one{“ii”:1} with the old mata-mistika hands attached to both ends and you can armor up that build really easily and it almost always looks good, especially as the thighs. You could also made the lower half have a ball joint protruding out the assembly so you could attach a simple ccbs limb with the Toa okoto armor clip-on’s on it.


Thank you sir

No problem! =)

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Hey Ketros! nice to see you here!

Hey! Just made this account, though let’s not clog up the chat here, we have G+ for that. :+1:t2:

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And MOCpages.

Thank you so much, but what about the lower torso? I don’t have that price to put it in the upper torso

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It all depends on what pars you have, there are many ways to attach the waists or even make your own waist part, it doesn’t have to have waist articulation either, a few pins, axels and balljoints should be more than capable of putting the gearbox and waist together and being able to armor it up and retain the gear functions.

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Wow… thank you this is super helpful

It’s really not much trouble, I would be able to show pictures if I had my parts with me but I don’t. Think about the gear box as the top half of an Inika torso, that’s the best mental image I could think to give, Lego is not the easiest thing to describe.