Need some advice on modeling 3D Bionicle

Is there anyone who knows how to model Bionicle in 3D? I could really use some advice, like on how to model mask topology and creating those detailed pistons.
For example, the Lhikan Model I recently made has no details in the torso and in some other areas. The mask topology also looks messy at the top as well.


I'm not an expert on 3D Modeling, but maybe you could take a look at individual pieces (especially ones from 2001-03) and use those details, since the parts are so complex.

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As a Student in 3d drawing in mecanical parts a few rules:

Create the outline first and then cut off the parts you don't need

Then add details. such as pistons and markings.

Look for real life references to make sure you don't stray too far away.

Also a question to you;
What pogram?

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@ZceeNook Thank you for the advice :slight_smile: I use Blender as my program. Might be different from other programs.

Bender is a great pogram. Quick rule.

Keep it low poly so you can make it more detailed later.

Texture, reflection and other maps will be helpful

also: consort youtube for How to do videos.
Learning is key to improving.

And good luck. I hope to see your works later.

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