Need some help self-mocing

Title says most of what I'm going for.

Returning to the boards, I realized something- all my profile stuff has mostly been generic stuff pulled from the internet. I figured it would be good to have a self moc to finally be recognized by, that is actually somewhat individual.

Issue is, I don't know much of where to start. Most of my past mocs have been Rahi of some sort- I'm not good at the whole "human-ish" thing. Much less making something that somewhat reflects me.

Anyone have any advice?

(And parts aren't an issue, I have plenty. Trust me.)

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K, take a good look at yourself. and I mean a GOOD look. then figure out what you want to use.

Favorite colors.

Favorite Mask, helmet, or heck, make your own.

Favorite element (if you want to)

Favorite building system.

And maybe try to make it how you want.


Or just make your Self-MoC a dragon or something.


Who said you need a human-ish Self-MOC?

I say look at what you're good at building and make something like that to represent you. That's the whole point, really.

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