Nekehanga: bearer of time

I made 8 versions of Watau ._. most of which I have never posted. So yeah. Got sick of the name Watau so now he is Nekehanga. Same guy (kinda), different name.

Backstory will come later.

Something happens to Watau…

Update 2:

Update 1:

I already updated him… I just feel lazy to take pictures. I fixed some issues and made it a cool feature.



I like it, but it seems a bit bulky in areas and to skinny in others.

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@BrokenAxels I think it is the background and the bad picture lighting. I will retake my pictures.

Update: There are skeleton armor pieces on the shoulders that may look like it is on the chest, so that might be an issue. The lower legs were also unfinished, therefore its skinniness. I fixed these issues (I believe) and I will post the photos later.

Sorry for double posting.

The lower legs look REALLY skinny.

Definitely a fan of the armor pattern though.

I added the skull armor add-ons onto the legs… Just too lazy to take pictures.

His chest can open up (which is the feature)



It reveals a green stud.

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Proportions and color coordination need a ton of work. I’d actually even say more work than the armor organization.

A decent start. Just needs improvement like all MOCs.

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@Ekorak thanks for pointing that out, but may you please specify how do you think these issues can be fixed? Cheers.

Certainly. Would have initially but I didn’t have the time for a full critique until now.

One, the legs are far too short for the torso and arms, but it’s not something you can fix by making them longer, because it will very quickly get even lankier than it already is.

Next up would be the visual weighting, because ho boy is it a doozie. Maybe something that can be fixed by shortening the torso, but right now your visual weighting makes him look like a very, very tall pudgy guy. Taking out the majority of the midsection would probably be a huge benefit. Additionally, while the chest armor thing is really cool…it needs cleaning up, and the weighting on it is very awkward.

Also, as mentioned, the arms are too long and will only get worse if you shorten the torso, which means they need to get a bit shorter in turn. However, ONLY shortening the arms would be even worse, since the proportions are already off.

Next up, and the last primary critique I’ve got (aside from the endless game of touchup work, naturally) is the coloring.

And honestly, I’m not even sure where to start.

First off, the thighs. Delete them. Get rid of them. Recolor them. I don’t care, get the lime green out, or add in about three or four times the current quantity. It’s an eyesore that ruins the entire design in my honest opinion. Second, fix the metallics. You’ve got three different metallics here, and while mixing the silvers is fine, it makes the gunmetal on the legs and shoulders stand out a lot, although the legs are helped out tremendously by the shadow from the skirt.

Continuing with the colors, the gold placement needs a lot of work. You’ve got three spots…the face, the right arm, and literally the midsection of the torso, but only on the sides. Very bad for visual weight, and even worse for consistency. I’d recommend either moving some gold to the upper torso, possibly leaving the gold arm and head but getting rid of the waist, or maybe getting rid of the arm and waist but leaving the head as a pop of color.

Another random thing to mention would be the forward facing armor on his arms. Some people disagree with me here, but most high-end MOCists do agree with me: Forward facing armor on arms tends to look anywhere from mediocre to just bad. Here I’d say it’s done pretty well, but not enough to save it from the stereotype.

Hope this helped! :smile:

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Thanks! I really appreciate the time you took to do this. Cheers m8.

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