Neo Bohrok Mk XXII

Advanced Bohrok mech that uses a lot of old parts including everyone's favorite, Galidor parts.


That's sick! is this a Bohrok mech again?


I never thought I'd see the day galidor parts were used well in a moc. Congrats, you've earned it.

This doesn't scream Bohrok to me.

Also, the exclusive use of silver and grey makes the MOC look sort of boring.


As a MOC, I like it.
As a "Bohrok" it's just no.


Pretty much this.

I can see the bohrok idea here. and great use of the Galidor pieces as well! Good job!


Leave it to Likus to effectively use Galidor parts in a MOC!

I love the look of it, but the feet look awkward, and as people already said it doesn't look a whole lot like a Bohrok. Maybe a better head would help?

I mean, I can see the proportions, and the shields are great, but the head and feet are lacking.

Still though, excellent MOC!


Perhaps a different head would better solidify it as a Bohrok, but everything else looks fantastic.

Don't change the head - I think it's the perfect fit.

It may not look much like a Bohrok, but it definitely does pull off the 'emotionless robotic destruction minion' vibe. I can imagine this being a Bohrok in a complete alternate universe (which makes me want to see what other characters from the mythos look like).

The feet are a little awkward, unfortunately. I wonder if you can reduce the width of the heel and angle it down a bit.

Everything else is solid gold.


I think it could use a bit more color, but otherwise, fantastic.

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Hey,That's Pretty good...
The over all look was amazing

I thought it didn't look like a bohrok, but then I thought about what else it could have looked like, and suddenly, it looked a bit more like a bohrok. Nice job!

I knew there was something blasphemous about this MOC.



This doesn't exactly scream "Bohrok" to me, but as a MOC itself, this looks great!

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Honestly, if someone described to me a mindless destructo-robot with shields, I'd picture something more like this than a Bohrok. Great job!

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Are the galidor pants pieces held on with an axel?
This looks REALLY well thought out!

Yes, unfortunately lego tragically cut a hole through Nick Bluetooth's pants to get them to stay on his deformed torso. Also don't tell anyone galidor pieces are useful, people might catch on.


Cool, but I don't really think it should have the name of "Bohrok." Maybe if you somehow implemented a Krana?

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I think this would be better as a modified Baterra, than Bohrok.