Nermack Toa of Blood and Bone

Not that long long ago a Matoran named Nermack who lived a peaceful life until one day he found a mask outside his door. So he took it in telling himself not to put it on. But his urges took hold of him and he put the mask on. Over powering him the mask turned him into a hideous being with bone armor and the power to control Blood bone and flesh. He was chased out of the village and sent into exile never to return. Sorry that was kind of dark even so I like how he turned out and please C&C welcome.


pretty cool, but you spelled blood wrong.

Oh my gosh! your right

Woah that is AWESOME! Nice color scheme!

I like how the Metru red is spread out

We actually had a custom species introduced over in the BZPRPG recently (read: within the last year or so) that possessed a variation which could use their own blood to form weapons or enhance their stamina and such, so the idea of blood control isn’t exactly uncharted territory in my case.
Personally, he looks fine just the way he is, but if you hadn’t given him the ability to manipulate bone as well, I probably would’ve suggested a red and blue color scheme in the event that his element was soley centered around blood.

Neat moc, don’t believe I’ve seen white and metru red together often. Don’t worry guys, half his powers are useless without milk!

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Great Moc and Idea, but do Bioniclles have blood and bones? Isn’t it more like metal and sparks? :slight_smile:

The majority of canon MU species only possess organic brains and joints (with the exception of beings such as Krana, Kraata, Tren Krom, possibly the Zyglak, etc.), from my understanding, so probably not in the literal sense, no.
Given that MoCs in general can be largely assumed to originate from alternate universes, however, this may or may not be the case for the one he actually hails from.

Pretty sure that’s not accurate, I believe if I’m remembering correctly it’s just synthetic muscle tissue, including (at least for the matoran species) lungs and some form of digestive tract, I think their brains are robotic, though considering they have lungs it would be reasonable to assume they have some form of circulatory system to maintain the organic parts of their bodies.

To be fair, I did hint that I wasn’t completely sure of that particular answer being 100% correct, but unfortunately, that part of the sentence didn’t seem to make it into your quote. It happens.
In any case, they’d still really only be synthetic in the sense that they’re biological components made up of an organic variant of Protoderimis, a substance that can copy and adopt the properties of pretty much any other form of matter in the known universe, mind you, instead of being harvested or grown from the cells of another preexisting being. So by that definition, aside from that rather small piece of information and a few other key components and inner workings, it’s likely that said organic bits wouldn’t differ all that much from what would normally be found inside the more natural residents of Spherus Magna.
The “bio” part of the term “biomechanical” does seem to imply this, after all.