Nescent's 'Wildlife of Okoto'

Using only the sets of Bionicle 2015 (so far), Nescent has created a wide variety of Rahi combiner models with detailed descriptions.

Nescent’s combiner models so far are categorized into 'Wildlife of Okoto and ‘Wildlife of the Ancient City’.

‘Wildlife of the Ancient City’ documents the Rahi a chronicler known as Teluli finds as he journeys toward the Ancient City, and the chroniclers fate itself.

I felt as though these combiners deserved their own topic due to the large amount, just wanted to address that.

Here are the links to Nescent’s ‘Wildlife of Okoto’ and ‘Wildlife of the Ancient City’

Overall, Necent’s ‘Wildlife of Okoto’ gives G2 Bionicle the variety and worldbuilding it needs.


SPOILER ALERT: Teluli dies.

Boy do I love these guys, and I was thinking about using Skull Grinder and Skull Basher for one of his rahi. In the end, I just scrapped them for parts.

Yeah, these are fantastic. Really enjoyed the story progression that accompanied the second installment.

Ok, these are super nice. I feel that Lego should have added little rahi like these into Bionicle. In wave 2 there should have been 6 rahi, like the 6 protectors in wave 1.

So I built the Kidjit.
The actual build really reflects the proud and playful sides of the Kidjit well; with plenty of dog like poses and a cute fluffy tail, but a long regal neck.

Some of the parts feel a tad loose though, particularily the masks (which is a shame, because I like it when masks are incorporated into Rahi builds).

I’ll probably take it apart though, since it’s not an official set. But if I really wish I could still have Skull Basher and Pohatu without taking apart it.


Pretty polished too.

I saw these a while back. I love the concept, but most of them are meh to me. For the most part, these combos are little more than table scraps. The color schemes for some of them are a bit funky, and at least half of them have heads that are either a CCBS shell, or a regular head turning around. Not very innovative IMO.


is a combo of 6 sets
AKA nearly half the Winter Wave of 2015
it’s absolutely absurd


I know. These concepts,tho

I don’t know, Slime. My Kidjit used a good more than half the pieces of both Pohatu and Skull Basher.

I personally think that at most half of these are pretty great.
Combine that with the shere quantity and you have a very impressed Esquire.

The Kidjit is one of the better ones IMO, ignoring the trans-orange feet.

I’m talking about

Which means half aren’t great. And I’d agree with that. I’m not saying ALL of these are bad, but not many stand out to me as being spectacular.


Those are good

My point wasn’t that they were terrible. I was pointing out how a lot of the combos were table scraps. Some of them are good table scraps.

It’s possible to have a good simple model and a bad complex model.

you got that right

Very nice!

I like these quite a bit, they do feel like wildlife you would find on okoto

These things are amazing my favorite is by far the oko magna. Also would we be able to use a few of these in oog (paging @tak210 )