Netar, Toa of Magnetism

Recently I’ve taken to primarily redesigning and modifying mocs instead of simply disassembling and reassembling (hopefully will save some pieces from breaking!) and this guy was one of the first I did this with. The design has changed a bit, notably become shorter over time, but I’ve tried to maintain something of a hiker appearance with him, primarily by always giving him both a staff and a backpack of some kind.

Version 1

Version 2 (My favorite)

Version 3

I like to think of the character as a very quiet, reserved sort. Someone who simply wishes to be left in silence away from the rest of Spherus Magna, but whose strong sense of duty always puts him back in action, even when he wishes he were anywhere else.

So which version of him do you like best? Also, any idea where that color Pakari came from? I got it second hand with some other masks, and can only assume it originally was from an old Rahi set. (This is my first real post on here, so please correct any mistakes I made that I should correct going forward!)


The Silver Pakari came from a Kanohi and Krana pack where you got three random krana and two random gold or silver masks. Do you have the other random mask it would’ve been packed with?


I like it, your latest one looks nice albeit simple, but simple is good. The incorporation of ccbs in the 3rd one is good as well. Maybe put something on the upper arms again?


I rather like the simplicity of the third version, it works much better than the second in my opinion. It’s been a while since I’ve seen just a standard Inika build, so it’s rather refreshing to see something that isn’t overly complex.


Looks neat! Though, you may need to work on some custom limbs. As is, they are a bit spindly. Keep trying new things, and you may find a shape that works for you. Don’t give up, it can take me days to make just the legs. I could go on, but I’d just be rambling, lol. Keep at it!

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No, unfortunately. But thank you for letting me know where it came from, I’ve been wondering for a while now!

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