Netflix Original - Stranger Things

Anyone else watched this show? All episodes have recently come out on Netflix and I gotta say, I freaking loved it! Me and my family binged watched it and enjoyed every second of it. If anyone hasn't seen it, It's basically a homage to many different 80s' themes and focuses on themes like horror and mystery (yes the show is scary and has some mature themes so be wary). Anyway... anyone else into Stranger Things?


I've seen it, and I loved every bit of it except maybe the introduction of Nancy and Hopper; those characters are way better later on in the season.

I'm glad I got to see this show, and I hope it gets a second season. It's original (despite being an homage to the 80's, it has a lot of really cool and original ideas), suspenseful, and engaging.

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I've been meaning to check out this show after watching the trailer.

My older sister told me I should watch it. She usually has good taste, so I intend to check it out eventually.

I saw the first two episodes but it didn't really hook me into it. To the people who've already finished it, why should I?
I really want to like the show but meh.


It depends on what turns you off about it. If it's a few of the characters like the sheriff or the sister, it does get better.

And, of course, the more you watch, the more you find out, and the better it gets.

Idk I guess I was just expecting more hints or something? Like I know they can't spoil everything within the first two episodes but I feel like the hinting was too vague for me to latch onto it.


More of the mystery gets revealed and as you watch more of the series, most of your questions will be answered. Personally, the vagueness and mystery is what kept me watching. But hey, if you don't want to watch it, you don't have to. :slight_smile:

I've finished Episode four and I'll say it's pretty great so far. I've never been a fan of Horror Mystery but I'm hooked. The whole 80's thing is kind of fascinating, as technically being a millennial the time's culture is sometimes almost as interesting as the mystery :stuck_out_tongue:


I just finished binging the series
that was one weird ending

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Im up to episode 5 after a bunch of people suggested it to me. And i love it...... epically some of the designs

Edit: just finished it.... it was pretty good

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Best. Show. EVER.

Watched all episodes a while ago, and I was greatly impressed by this series. It's definitely full of mystery and suspense, but I also like that it feels a bit different depending on which character it focuses on. And for the record, I think all actors do a phenomenal job, and especially the child actors must be noted.

Loved the 80's aesthetic and how they managed to fill it with nostalgic references to movies like The Goonies and E.T, to name just a few, without entirely banking on the nostalgia.

Definitely a great show if you ask me, and it's definitely worth a watch if you haven't checked it out yet.

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Maybe it's just not your thing? I was hooked after the first episode. I love things that are really mysterious and leave you guessing, so long as the mysteries pay off. They don't to pay off that quickly either, but obviously you have to keep in mind that the longer you leave it, the bigger boom you need so there is that.

I had to the watch the first 4. Enjoyment of various designs kept me going

I liked this show, but honestly it was a bit too cliched and overrated.
Many of the characters and plot lines are totally unoriginal, and it has a bit too many jump scares at first. Really, for me, if you cut out many of the weaker subplots, and made the show more focused, it would be better.
Still, a solid 7/10 to maybe even an 8. I did love the main characters, and L's actress has to be one of the best child actors I've ever seen.

Great! watched it a few months ago and I loved it, i've been trying to get a girl I'm friends with but she never has the time. Also can I just say that these may be some of the best child performances I've ever seen.

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I love all the characters.
(especially Eleven)


Finished this show last month, and I love it. This show is so well done and never feels dragged down or overly cliche to me. If there's one thing I really disliked it's probably some of the inappropriate stuff near the beginning, but that wasn't too bad and ended after episode 3ish. Plot, character, and story wise, I have almost nothing to criticize, other than maybe Nancy and Hopper's relevance to the story near the beginning, by that was resolved as well. Can't wait for season 2.

This show is pretty great.

Although I do question how the Demigorgon parasite thing survived in his stomach...