Netonu - Uniter of Poison + Ikune - Creature of Poison 2.0

Here is an upgrade from there previous versions, it is easy to see on Ikune, as i pretty much started from scratch with him, as is with Netonu, he hasent changed alot BUT im still including him here:

Attacking like an eagle:

United at last!

And here is a nice Team look:

Please tell me, how i can improw upon these guys


Not bad, but could definitely be improved. Love Netonu's custom head (though that chest is way too gappy) and the creature is pretty darn good to. Overall great job pal :thumbsup:

@MyAlexDk Uxar's head would clash too much with the other colours and look out of place, just IMO

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Thanks, i was actually thinking when i get Uxar to put on his head on instead of Ikune's his current head, but i dont know how that will look, ill probably stay with the current head

@DiamondKing Okay, thanks, i didn't know because here in Denmark we dont have the sets in stores, i can only order them from the lego shop online. (I know, its ironic) but its probably because danish kids aren't really interested in bionicle and there isn't a big community of adult Bionicle fans here, and all the different toy stores only have Tahu 2015 and Some have the protctor of fire too.

They both feel too basic

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Wait are you telling me Denmark doesn't have the new sets fist.

I'm sorry but it is kind of funny.
Any way I agree with @StudentScissors.
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Yea, that was my reaction too when i realized that there was only Tahus in all my local toy stores

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This doesn't really fit the title of "Uniter" and more so "Mistika Makuta". But I like the aesthetic to it. Just give it bow-legs and it works perfectly!

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