NEVER AGAIN (digital drawing of a MOC)

I decided to draw one of my g2 characters- Drathi. First time I’ve drawn a Bionicle in quite a while(and first time on the drawing pad period), so it was an interesting challenge. Decided I’d try and more or less shoot for the 2015 animation look.

Turned out pretty well, though in retrospect I probably should’ve done the character sketch in anticipation of the lighting. I didn’t intend to do a proper background for it to start with so I really had no idea what the lighting context would be.


Aside from the horns, this looks great! The name is kind of amusing, though.

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TBH it might not be inaccurate. This thing took me like five hours to do.

To be fair they are true to the source material…


Fair enough. XD

Oh jeez

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Looks really good! When I compared it to the photo of the MOC:[quote=“Garnira, post:3, topic:30643”]
To be fair they are true to the source material…

IMG_1391.JPG3000x4000 1.2 MB

I was blown away! I really like it!


Haha, I wish I could draw…

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Me too, buddy.

Funny thing is that while I’m happy with what I have here, it’s really nothing compared to some of the amazing stuff out there. I’m just kind of unexceptional, which is about as bad a place as an artist can be. It’s enough to keep me trying, but not enough to earn me recognition. Absolute pit of mediocrity, really.

Though I suppose hard work and dedication could help me(and you) get better, so perhaps I have a niche waiting for me yet. Only time can tell.

That, and “poor me” is an absolutely toxic mentality, despite my tendencies to fall into it. I recommend that you avoid it if at all possible.

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That’s pretty good, I like the style.


Some of the angles are a bit off, but I love this art style. Really good job Garn. :thumbsup:

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