Never Ending Adventure: THE SEQUEL(RANDOM)

I thought that for the sake of lelouch, I should do this. This isn't to compete with @Shadezy 's RP
No saying that this character died. Or user.
No saying "they all died, the end" or anything else.
AND you can be random. I'll start off.

Squeaver KAITA fall from the sky for some reason. They call upon @LelouchViBritannia for help as well as @KyoryuYellow1138 and @Shadezy , and keep calling people as they fall to Mata Nui.

Kyoryu: What's going on here?

Squeaver KAITA "We're falling!!! We're going to hit Mata Nui!!!
(Squeaverking has to go to school. See you in about 8 hours)

@Shadezy uses his Word of God powers to turn the ground into marshmallows, thus breaking the Squeaver Kaita's fall.
(Kyoryu also must go to school now)

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Squeaver Kaita thank Shadezy for using his Word Of God powers, and a swarm of bohrok appear.

I use my copycat abilities to copy the Word of God powers and turn anyone who comes within ten feet of me into marshmellows.

Oh and Eljay came within ten feet of me.

Squeaverking attempts to eat the marshmallow, but gets turned into one. He then becomes a sentient marshmallow, and eats the Eljay mallow anyway because it's TOTALLY not cannibalism. Then Takuma walks over
Takuma: Did somebody say cannibalism?
@Ekorak 's probably gonna...

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Turn Takuma into another marshmellow.

OOC: No death cannon?/OK.
Squeaverking runs away to play kohlii in his new form, avoiding birds like Kewa, who might turn him into some KEWA KIBBLE!!!!

I see no need to Sanzu quite yet.

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OOC: I shall brace for it's eventual wrath.



Squeaverking throws a rock at the Sanzu Death Cannon.

The rock is burned up instantly and the Sanzu bolt continues way past the rock and obliterates a random person named Joe's pie thirty miles away.

Squeaverking: NOOoOO! JOOOoOEEE!!!
4728: I'm right here in the UNSC Giraffe. Who's that weirdo?
4728's real name is Joseph. The more you know.



Squeaverking eats a cookie as a marshmallow, being one of the main food groups.