Nevuruk, The Silent

So, of my 5 Makuta, I present the 4th one! This is Nevuruk. Not one of my better MOCs, at all, but he gets the job done alright. Certainly not something I'm super proud of though.

I think he looks cool enough, though, from certain poses and whatnot

I will be the first to admit that his neck is far too long and thin. I can and will fix that. I was trying for something of a different silhouette, but it didn't pan out how I had hoped. Oh well.

I think the blades on the back flow well enough with the Skakdi foot, but, then, they do other things.

They fold out to make more arms. I was going for a General Grievous sort of thing, but I see now that by making them blend so well in 2-armed form that it leaves an awkward gap when all four are out.

From the back, with all arms out.

And vs. Inika build.

This MOC is meh, and I totally understand that. Just figured I'd share, 'cause whatever.


The dark red and dark blue work together quite well. I'm really not a fan of the lime green Skrall blades. Can I assume you don't have them in red?

You can assume that, and you'd be right.

I have glow in the dark though, so I'll try finding that.

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the Rode just looks out of place....
I like the 4 arms though!

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If you don't mind, may I use the "general grievous" idea for a future Moc of mine?

Uh, go for it.

It's not exactly an original idea that only I've used.

ShadowedOne1 on youtube made a MOC with resemblance to Grievous, and so did Shadowgear6335, back in the old days of 2009

Ok. Thank you.