New bionicle idea?

Wouldn’t it be cool if they did some kind of attack on titan type plot where the spiders have overrun most of the planet and the toa have to protect the matoran/turaga and defend the last remaining city! Leave your thoughts!


I love that show! (I don’t even like anime) but I don’t think its likely to happen :confused:

I didn’t either, but I just gave something to think about…

Matau’s swords DO look an awful lot like the attack on titan swords. In fact,


Spiders taking the planet seems redundant given that we could just have the bohrok saga adapted.
In fact, the MNOGs and the flash episodes are perfectly ready to have a full adaptation done for them.

MNOG is already episodic, so no huge problem there, just give it a budget and a decent animation team, 2D preferred.
Then we’re led neatly into the Bohrok saga, that’s a major story about regular city dwellers forced to fight. Here’s your ‘AoT type plot’, but with civilians adapting they’re skills instead of ‘MC is now Titan’. There’s even a fortified city where refugees flee to in this story.

I think it would make more sense if they took over Mata Nui because who was guarding the Matoran and Turaga on Mata Nui while Tahu, Lewa, Gali, Onua, Pohatu and Kopaka were at Karda Nui? That is if they continue what happend in the past. ~Detox

you had to say attack on titan there are so many other shows like that

You sir, just made my day.

I think it would be cool if we got a big range of collectibles in dispenser thing-ies.

“my storyline : a shard of the Makuta robot had been found ( the one that was crushed in the moon) and it evilized these spiders so they became bad. Then the Toa return and save the day, maybe?”

I like your idea, but one question how will 6 toa’s and 6 defenders defeat, a so big swarm of spiders then?

(my spelling might not be 100% correct because I am not really English)

Oh jeez, a triple-post. Merge now.

The defenders could be more like the vaki and be more than six and the toa would be a lot more powerful than the regular soldiers in the show, more like six captain Levi’s…

ok I understand your idea, thanks for responding so quickly.