New Bionicle Story Thing, Characters Needed! (Writing Contest)

So I'm looking to create a Bionicle novel /story thing and I need people to use in it. Want to be in? Just ask and I'll tell you what you need to do to be a part of it


I ask!!!

I'd be obliged.

I'd like to join.

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So you have to create a short story involving board members but keep it appropriate OK guys?
Will judge on Friday so plenty of time

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do you have a certain type of story in mind, or just any story? and how many board members do we need to include? and is this more of a contest?

It's a contest because I can't have everyone that might request in the story so the contest is to do it fairly and as for the short story doesn't matter how may board members there are, and surprise me with what it's about!


Is there a prize?

Being in my story when I make it


Hi heads up to everyone! If you guys plan to make me part of your story, please don't. Just want to stay away from stuff like these.

Anyway good luck to everyone, bye!


I might wanna do dis

I'll join if you've got the room


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Count me In.
I have been wanting to post my Backstory for my self MOC for ages. Even though I haven't posted GIF.Man yet. I don't know Why I keep working on Darth, his time is over as my self MOC.

Will do! Or not do? I Won't put you in a story I mean


Cool. Can I be in it?
What do I need to do?

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Post seven has all the details

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Never mind.

This seems gud.
Me pls.

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Seems interesting. I want in.