New BIONICLE Toa Character Videos

So, not the other three videos released today, but there are six new videos, thirty seconds long, one for each Toa.

Tahu's is right here, and the others can be found on the right slider.


I made a post about this on the other topic

But lewas and tahus are my favs


I wish they had voice actors for each of them instead of the narrator, although I do love his voice


Especially for Gali's video wink


I saw Tahu's and thought what did they do to his voice, then saw Gali's and realized that it was narrator

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he reminds me of Christopher Gaze.

i like them all......except for onuas

they should have written it about the toa, not by the toa, if they were only going to shell out the cash for one VA, it sounds awkward.

in other news,
pohatu sounds like a chain-smoking Australian.
and I spit out my drink when I heard "Gali".


i just cant stand onuas voice!

Then again, listen to his voice in Mask of Light. "WELCOME to ONU KOROOO!!!!"

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no! anything but that!

I liked Onua's voice in Mask of Light. I also liked Kopaka's voice in these new Animations.

They used the narrator for all the voices so you guys would get nostalgic and remember the Mahri trailer.

"Holy Gadunka!"


Onua's voice actor in MoL was exactly how I pictured it. In fact, besides Lewa, all of the Toa's voices in MoL were pretty much spot on



I actually prefer having only the narrator in a way honestly, I feel like it ties into the video where the Protector of Fire is telling the child villager about the prophecy. Having the narrator makes it feel like it is in fact a story being told to us by an elder figure, not watching it happen as it does.

It's a nice effect in my opinion, but they'll probably switch to using a full cast later on.

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I just wish that they made that more apparent,

instead of being clever it comes across as cheap. it's mostly the tense that's being spoken.

"I am Gali!"
"Her name was Gali!"
which sounds like a story being told? especially with an old British man(not-vakama)'s voice.


Think about it like this. Say you're reading from a book to a child and a character needs to speak. Yes you could just you put second, and narrate their actions, but it sounds more exciting to the child if you have the character speak through you. And doing that you would give them a unique voice or dialect to differentiate them.

It's the exact same thing the old Thomas and Friends episodes did, they have the narrator doing the overall narration, and doing all the character voicing, and it worked well. And it works good here as well.

On an unrelated note, Gorge Carlin doing the Thomas narrations is incredible if you know his standup routine. Watch it when you can.

People keep assuming that if someone doesn't like the narration style, they must not understand what it was intended to seem like. I get it. I completely understand what was being intended. But like Yink said, it doesn't feel well done. It ends up seeming sorta cheap. I can't quite place why but you can be sure I'll let you know the moment I figure it out.

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I just think that it could have been better explained, even a little narration, like

"I am Gali!" she said "Toa of water"

it wasn't shown as a story being told very well is all I'm saying.

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