New Dark Hunters moc opinions? *NOTE: MOC IS CURRENTLY INCOMPLETE*

So I just started on this new moc and was wondering if I could get some community tips/pointers for it...? Obviously it's not done yet, but I'm going to lay out my basic plan for it here-
Basically, it's kinda meant to resemble a sort of "punisher" for the Dark hunters. First of all, those two high up exposed ball joints at will be used for some wings which will use Brutaka's weapon pieces for them, as well as some other components much like Kardas, albeit with color scheme more in mind. Next, I'm planning on four arms... those other 2 exposed ball joints lower down are meant for these. They will be the primary weapon arms, with some sort of large sword in each hand, or maybe a staff? IDK. The lower arms already there will get some silver armor to go more with the color scheme and be holding chains like the ones found in Hewkii Inika. Lasty, I'm planning on MUCH more armor for the legs and lower torso, along with pistons attacking to the backs of the feet like in Gadunka. So... what do you guys think?

Thanks for opinions!

Depending on your parts-count(amount of parts and pieces you have) and your building style, none of our opinions might mater, but I'll just say my opinions. Though if you don't agree you don't need to follow it.

Head: It's a fine custom head. Unless you wanna add more articulation or make it different then IDK

Main Torso and Limbs: While I am guilty of this aswell, I'll just say it: The limbs seem...basic. If you tried custom arms or legs I might change the opinion. The piraka thighs are bare-bones and need more covering, while the lower arms/legs are simple enough, Torso's not really bad, but I feel it should be a bit more...special. Maybe a custom torso instead of an upside-down nuva-chestplate and metru-chestplates. Overall I guess I could find it OK.

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Thanks for the info! So, what would you reccomend I do to change the torso/head? As I said, I already plan to greatly bulk up the arms and legs.
This is one of my first mocs, which is why I'm posting this thread. The tips you can give me are really helpful smile

First off, try to add in some more colors. Black and silver gets boring quickly.

If he's meant to be a humanoid build, try to reverse the Nuva chestplate to better fit humanoid torso proportions as well.

It looks good so far.

I added a significant amount of armor and bulk today, and the torso is now largely complete. I still neet to finish up back armor and piping as well as the weapons and wings on those last two exposed ball joints. Also, I plan to add a bit of side armor to the legs. I thought the blue eyes kept the color scheme looking better as well, so the orange ones were swapped out. Opinions now?


@Chronicler, this should be closed, as there is a topic for the MOC itself now.


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