New entry on the bucket list!

Say "Mardi Gras" on an episode of TTV.

Let me just knock you of the crazy train for a second here with a blast of reality. TTV is probably not going to have another casting call. As far as the other stuff, lol

My Bucket List:

  1. Watch "Breaking Bad"
  2. Finish The Walking Dead
  3. Win a game of Civ 5 on Deity.
  4. Join TTV (I'm 15, I could if they brought up the apps).
  5. Murder Elja- I mean buy 2003 Makuta
  1. Buy Bucket
  2. Put list in bucket
  3. Go to store with bucket list
  4. Buy more buckets
  5. What have I done with my life?

Bucket list:
1. Make as many mocs of ttv as possible
2.make a meso moc(done)
3. Defeat applego whilst helping ttvpower
4. Go to eljay con
5. Be a semi known biotuber
6. Get all bionicle sets
7. Get my parents to that dance and to get... BACK TO THE FUTURE!
8. Stop this list
9. ???

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  1. Have the best doomsday prep in Australia, with my best friend.
  2. Have the Legacy Mobirates and every single ranger key.
  3. Get a Beet J Stag cosplay.
  4. Finish Kahinuva: Ace Attorney

Let me think...
Own all 29 Godzilla movies (1998 Roland Emmerich Godzilla-wannabe need not apply),
Own every BIONICLE 2.0 set,
Get Millennia (Slizer),
Get Onyx (RoboRider),
Own the Master Chief Collection (and by extension an Xbox One),

(These are much more far-fetched)
Go to SDCC (eventually),
Go to G-Fest (eventually),
Make a Godzilla cosplay for G-Fest,
Make a Gyaos cosplay for G-Fest,
Make a M.U.T.O. cosplay G-Fest,
(Really ambitious) make a Gigan cosplay for G-Fest,

(These are all connected)
Buy land,
Build door under TARDIS,
Build underground LEGO lair under aforementioned TARDIS,
Relax in said lair whilst watching Godzilla movies.

* looks at post *
It didn't look that big when I was writing it.


bucket list
1 eat lewa nuva
2 join the applego resistance
3 light eljays miru on fire /s
4 reach the rank of master on this site

Yeah, this sounds like a 13 year old's bucket list.

On a other note how would one join the TTV, you guys all talk about it like it's easy, when it would most likely be a mod to join the cast.

Wait, I made this post two years after the original? Then how did I find it? This would never pass on Bzp.

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