New Scythe and More

Today is a massive competent update from time to y’all, so let’s get rolling first off is Okua’s new weapon, a gaint scythe. Okua is my self moc, and I have made some minor adjustments.

Next is a female stone tribe protector, who has a similar build as Zetra. Please wait till the end for more
On this and some story lore

And here we have some
Minor improvements to my Makuta, Shadow. A new weapon and some wings as well as a trodax pod to boot

We have my Toa of lighting moc, she is almost done. I have a chest piece being shipped soon, and so she has no chest armor.

Next we have some improvements to Elder my dark hunter. He has a bit kinder tail new weapons and a new head


so in a story I am working on, Okua’s team disbands and as you remember they are from a different diminsion, okuna, Okua as a matoran, is on the team as well, Zetra and a lighting villager as well as a Toa of
Lighting are all members, alone with sandstorm, her protector and the stone snake. The stone peotecotr does
Not have a blaster for story reasons, as lighting is more
Technically advanced, and Zetra made the blaster she wields, and it is the first of its kind. Zetra does mainly relieve on her shock sword so those balance out.
Please leav any suggestions and some feedback so I can better grasp how to improve my ideas.


Most of it is hit and miss but that scythe is pretty good.


Thanks, what do you mean by hit and miss?

The scythe is a bit odd because of the silver, but everything else is pretty good.

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Thanks, why is the
Silver odd?

Because there is no silver anywhere else on the MOC.

Here it is
It must not have shown up earlier


Nice MOCs but, you’re going to break your back carrying that around.

A bit good and a bit less good

Silver on weapons is usually excusable IMO because the weapon is not a part of the person.

Case and point look at any fictional character even many actual bionicle characters and you’ll find most have weapons in a different color from themselves.

That said there are times when it becomes obnoxious.

Not really, Okua uses his weight to throw it around and combined with his mask of quick travel, he can just hold on to it and teleport.

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