New self moc. Dontexpectgoodcrapouttame

Dont expect dont expect dont expect dont expect dont expect good mocs out of me. just dont


Even though there’s no gaps in the torso, the torso doesn’t flow, and there are gaps in the side. I’m sure if you filled those in it’d look much better.


how do you expect me to do that? there is no connection point there. what do you want me to do? rebuild the whole structure?

there are ways to put a connection point there. attaching something to the overhanging beam with ball joint in the middle could work. of course, it’s up to you.


With no shell bigger than 5 in my collection. i dont think i would be able to find a way. i also just tried some things and the results are Drumroll No ways to fix it without it still looking ugly! Yay.

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This will need some serious work on the limbs… the torso needs better shaping too.


I do not mean this in any offensive way, but a major part of MOCing is going back and refining things to fit.

As for the MOC, it may benefit from either longer legs or a shorter torso.


It seems really skinny, and those transparent green bones are out of place. You may also need to put more white on the moc to make it more evenly distributed.


Well, a lot of people show them off to gain critique and improve their skill. Very rarely do I see someone go “Hey, look at this really awesome MOC I made!”


Spaghetti legs go!

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I can’t really say anything that hasn’t been said but, the way you connected the arms is going to break that trans blue liftarm.

We MOC because we enjoy it, and we “show off” cause we want to improve.
By pushing ourselves to get better we have to solve new puzzles, new ways to make our MOCs look better or function better, Its a challenge, If we didn’t do that all our MOCs would be standard CCBS frames or Inika builds, and that would be bloody boring wouldn’t it!

Sorry for the speech, but you need to understand that no one is amazing day one, it takes a while. (for me like 3 years to “git gud” XD before I was on the boards)


The only thing I’m getting from this is you don’t like the constructive criticism people are giving you, even then I’m not sure really what your point is.

Does it matter of its for kids and grown ups? A kid wants to more often than not, make the coolest thing they can, that involves feedback on how to make it cooler. A grown up wants to see what they’re capacities of and that too involves feedback so they can push themselves to the limit of their abilities.

To be honest, isn’t the sole purpose of a MOC to show it off to other people so they can admire it and offer feedback on how to improve? That’s why you post your MOCs on these boards no? And then you improve nnd become even prouder of your work

And let’s be truthful, the minute you post something on the internet it is open to feedback as you have willingly allowed other people to view your content


I mean, if you can’t take the constructive criticism of the community, that’s probably the best idea.