New Self MOC: Orion

So I posted my first self moc, Korahnu, here a few months ago and kind of grew bored with him. He soon formed a pile of bits and from his ashes rose Orion.
Basically all credit for the design goes to @SuperiorGhosty and his self moc Gh0sty (cheers). I really liked his design and tried to copy it as best as I could. Here's a link to his post Ghostys moc
So, on to Orion.

Uploading... Uploading...
(Internets acting up, I'll edit the photos with captions when it starts behaving)
Basic back story is this warrior fell from a passing comet before the arrival of the toa on Okoto. Taken in by the villagers of the ice tribe, they named him Orion, a name from the stars from which he fell. With limited power over metal and ice, he favours the use of his bow over the elements. This skilled hunter travels the island, looking for answers to who he is, and why he was sent.
Thanks for any feedback.

I really like the Kopaka sword as the arrow. :smiley:

Really like that body design!

I know the struggle xd

Not sure how I feel about it being another Ghosty MOC, for all intents and purposes, but it is cool for the most part. The sheer about of black on the chest could be changed though.

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Looks sweet. the black and gunmetal look a bit out of place tho.

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This MOC has a solid build, a decent color scheme, and cool weapons.

Also, a sword as an arrow? That's going to hurt.

I got to admit this looks great.
I find it strange that the sword is the arrow.