(New) Self-MOC: Reeper

SHe was a regular toa until one day people hated him so they banished him to hell when they closed the portal half of him was in hell and th other in the over world then each side reforming him in to a Reeper now half bad and half good now he finds longer villagers and kills them.In the over world he’ll be bad but he’ll kill annoying bad guys.In hell hell act good but no one knows why.

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Sounds like a friendly neighborhood.

The MOC itself is pretty good, but the backstory is… not the best. Incredibly edgy, nearly to the point of a satire.

Also, could you please explain this for me?

[quote=“SniperWolf, post:1, topic:33296”]
now half bad and half good now he finds longer villagers and kills them[/quote]


“Reaper here. Haven’t I… killed you somewhere before?”

It’s alright. Not a fan of monochromatic MOCs, but he looks interesting.

Sombra, the door.



It’s a simple CCBS build from what I can see, but the cape is cool.

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Very edgy.

i actually preferred your old self-moc tbh

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Alright… I like the MOC itself, It’s not too bad but a bit lanky and simple. What I really dislike is the backstory. It’s edgy, and not in the nice way, pretty messy and overall seems more or less like one of those “joke” backstories.

Yea it’s not a real backstory still trying to make one lol give me some ideas p.s. Sorry for bad spelling I have a hard time

A moc with an edgy name, this can’t be too bad.

Oh no.

There is blood everywhere…

pretty good! but if I might suggest, If you have a Carapar claw piece, I recon it would look like a more intimating scythe.

Can u send a pic of one so I can see if I have it

this piece:

No but I’ll try my best to make the weapon better

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Hm, you pulled off a Grim Reaper aesthetic, I’ll give you that.

The MoC is okay, but you need to proofread your spelling and such. The description seems fairly poorly written.