New "Toa" of Metal


many upside down masks
little CCBS



Pros are 2 points and cons are -1 points

Decent color scheme
Custom torso

Doesnt look like a toa
No mask unless they are upside down which i never seen on a toa
Looks like a toa of ice mutated

Overall... 1
Really needs work. Please edit the head and the legs and you should be good to go

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The leg design is the whole reason I made it I can change the head

Plz change the leg design though becouse to me it seems like it is only there for nostalgia

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Yeah i just said its on
Y there because it inspired your moc

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I guess I can change it

uh.... if you enjoy it you can keep it.

Dunno about the colors but his base design is alright

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Looks like a cool robot dude. Cool beans.

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It's not bad. Its just the head. It looks like a Matoro snapped his neck while exercising to become ripped. I see the green eye but still. Some masks work face up and some don't. The akaku just doesn't. I enjoy the legs though, and the colours are good.

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Looks alright. Do the legs move at all?

Seeing as you straight up copied Felixthecat on flickr, it'd be a good idea to credit him in the description.

Who I didn't copy anyone

So no I'm not going to give him credit since I didn't copy him

Edited for Double Post.

So you're telling me the legs didn't come from F33-X3? Hmmm idk man

Seriously I didn't copy whoever he is and is that a Mocs name?

now that he mentions it does look like this

please tell me you aren't lying and you didn't steal the inspiration? I can tell the legs are carbon copies(?) of the build


I'm not lying it's just a weird coincidence people can find the same type of building style in Mocs and I just did that it's just a weird coincidence

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@toa_drovisk u r biter for taking the legs of of that moc. U took legs and didnt even give credit for it