Newly Visioned/Realistic Tahnok Va

I decided to draw a little Bohrok Va known as Tahnok Va. I've worked on this for a few days and I might go back to this at random points. But here he is in a different look with the aesthetics of the original toy.


Pretty spectacular. It reminds me something that Miramax may have done if they had made a film about the Bohrok.


Thanks. Isn't Miramax discontinued?

Dunno. Your drawing just reminds me of that.

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So sick! You're such a good artist! This is really cool, most people don't even notice the Bohrok-Va and I think they were really cool. Great representation indeed. Nice art.

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@Chronicler Thanks, I was going for that, but giving it a bit more life.

@Aeros Thanks. I just got Tahnok Kal a couple weeks ago so I decided why not. Give him a more realistic approach.


This is really great! I would love to see some other stuff. =D



Wow, yeah! This is really well done! Haven't seen much Bohrok Va art.

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I figured, why not, thanks.

Very insectoid. fitting for the Bohrok.

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Very nice.

I like how you did the head especially.

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@RangerSilver6 Thanks.

@tahtorak Thanks, the head, hands, and cape are some of my favorite parts.

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Is it weird that this strangely reminds me of Five Nights at Freddy's?


Uh oh, he figured it out. Run.


(freddy fazbear laugh)

I uh...... huh?

Oh I'm sorry, I don't know where that laugh came from. It happens occasionally.

Tahnok Va looks GREAT!
Wished Tahnok Va appeared in the movies.