Nex 5.0

I posted my version of Nex 4.0 a couple weeks ago:

I liked that one. But I wanted to make a 5.0 because I just got this mask in the mail from bricklink. I think I like this one better. What do you think?



I like it, but it seems like there could be a bit more orange on the lower legs. Also that simple axe design is great.


That’s a good point about the orange. I might swap out a white piece.

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Wow! That’s really good!

Nex is probably my favorite Hero, and this is perfect (a much better set than 4.0, if you ask me). The white looks great, the weapons are cool.

The one critique I would make would probably be the trans red just seems out of place. I think it’s actually trans orange, so it probably looks a lot better in person, but the photos make it look really weird to me.


5.0. Wasn’t that uh… Brain Attack I think?

Moc looks good. Not much specific I have to say.

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I don’t think so. According to the wikia page, there were only 3 figures of Nex.

I was referring to general waves. 1.0 was year one, 2.0 was fire villains, and so on.

Technically, 5.0 was Brain Attack, but Nex never became a set for that. Nex was only in 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0.

Aside from the back of those thighs, I love it.

Excelent!! The Breakout next is my favorite, and seeing him in this MOC form is a really nice feeling! Maybe you could just add some more orange, that could be all.

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Wow, Toa Nex looking pretty cool. I do like the Inika plating on the shins, also the use of the Nexo Knight axe. It’s kinda funny actually, not sure if there was an intentional word play there or not.

He looks like a techno-paladin.

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That’s an excellent description! Maybe I just should have named him that.

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I love the colors reminds me of the Assembly faction from Lego Universe

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Am I the only one that wasn’t actually much of a fan of the whole orange and white scheme that Nex had going on in 4.0? :stuck_out_tongue:

Either way, I’m still impressed by how this looks. Most of my MOCing time as a kid was spent tinkering with the hero sets I got, so to see it done so well is pretty awesome to me. I reiterate that point about the trans orange or whatever though :stuck_out_tongue:

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