Nexo Knights "Moltor's Lava Smasher" Revamp

I got this set with my birthday money, but felt like there was still a lot of room for detail and improvement, so I did just that!

Here’s the original set

And here’s my revamped version!

As you see I added greebling to the pistons and major shaping and detailing to the back. I added a windshield, a bonus amour piece on the back, lots of detailing, and a larger booster. Even after all that the function still works perfectly!

This honestly didn’t take me long to make… I just slapped on some bulk and detail and boom, this came out. Whatever I’m lazy :smirk:


Well, it doesn’t add too much (I couldn’t tell the difference at first) however I would say that is does look better than the original.


The cockpit is the major change of this revamp and it looks pretty good.

Also how does the catapult work?

The catapults don’t work, they’re just there to stay true to the original, I don’t know why but I hated how they stuck out like a sore thumb.