Nexo Knights Powers Wave 1 Frame

(Apologies for the picture, it was taken on my phone and the only other camera I own is a film one)

Hello TTV Message Boards. I would like to share this rather simple moc of mine that I made for the nexo powers blind bags. It is a standard green baseplate with a layer of gray plates over it. The edges have a layer of various 1 by X sized plates, then with a final layer of 1 by X tiles. I wanted to get your opinion on my rather simple creation. Constructive criticism would be preferred. :smile:


I cant really give it critisism. Its just a way to keep the nexo powers in one place imo.

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Maybe you could cover all the studs, and leave squares of four studs to connect the shields to. Iā€™d be interested in seeing what the collection would look like on a smooth baseplate.