Nexo War Museum (Themed Display)

My Nexo war museum is finally done, well, for now at least…

I really have no idea where the best place to post this is, hopefully this is fine.


You lucky duck.

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I think its a nice layout, though personally i would have had the figures in the middle facing off against each other. Though admittedly it makes more sense for them to be near the bases. Not really what i would call a museum, but its a nice collection :slight_smile:

Unsure entirely myself, might benefit from asking staff.


This is kind of a tough one. From what I can see, the main creative aspect of this post is the way that you’ve laid out all of your sets in order to approximate the themed historical layouts one might see in a museum.

I’m gonna move it to LEGO Creations for now (and add a little extra to the title). If someone else has a better idea, feel free to make another edit.

Changed category and edited title -legomaster

As for the display itself, it’s really cool. Have you tried maybe investing in some terrain, similar to what JANGBRiCKS did with his Nexo Knights display?


Maybe in the future, when have the disposable income to do so, though I was thinking of painting a mural to replicate the same effect, could use smaller terrain builds over that.
I don’t know, I’ll probably end up doing something with it.

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obsessed much

no but seriously thought
while i don’t like nexo knights myself this is a pretty neat display

Holy crud, Jang’s display is amazing! Probably the best lego display I’ve ever seen!

I wanted to ask this too!