Nhilkus the Unchained (Makuta) WIP

This was my failed attempt at a Makuta contest entry, I simply ran out of time to complete him. So instead of rushing him for the contest, I decided to adapt him for the Brotherhood of Makuta Community Project.

The idea was how imagined Makuta would look if he absorbed Umarak, like Krikka and Nidhiki in G1. Tell me what you think so far, I think he’s my best MOC yet, do you agree?


Good to see that you remembered the project :wink:

The head looks a little odd in my opinion but otherwise I can’t rally complain about anything at this point. Nice job!

Wings would perhaps suit him well - or a cloak.

He only might turn out to be a little too tall compared to the average entry. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Looks better up close

On my to do list, don’t worry

Erm…is having too many growth hormones Canon is G1 ;)?

Thanks for the feedback


Those legs are great!

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Someone drank their milk.

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Thanks, lots of people have said that :slight_smile:. I think it goes a bit downhill after the legs (body and head), but I still like the torso.

@Kopeke_Nuva they sure did

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Looks really good so far.

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Why was I invited to this topic?
Cool creation though

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I know I am really late on commenting on this. But this looks really cool.

How tall is it?

Its not to hard to believe some Makuta were taller then others?

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Not sure he’s no longer together, but I’d guess about 60cm?

I’ll measure Jaller tomorrow and times his height by 2/2.5 and tell you then

^Great English in this post is great :joy:

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lol jaller looks like a midget

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