Nibiru Makuta

This MOC plays two roles
1: he is the revamp for Nibiru
and 2: i used him for my entry for the 2016 Makuta contest


my silver/gery bin is full to the brim
my black bin is near the top
HF/CCBS bone, foot, hand and head bin is 1/5 full
yellow/gold/brown/tan/purple bin is half full
red, blue, white and green bins are full
and i have seperate bins for technic beams, pins and axles, misc stuff and custom and cut parts

6 leg designs it took me to hold his upper body, but i am still working on proper lower legs that give him a Megatron look :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, that’s a problem, considering the two have nothing alike imo, besides being evil. but that’s just my opinion

now about the moc itself. The torso is too tiny, especially compared to those giant shoulders, and is rather ‘T’ shaped. The arms are a bit too long, and the shoulders are a bit bulky, as previously stated. the legs are cool.

Also, the silver is present in the legs and arms but not the torso, which causes some problems.

dang 403’s

Lower legs are very happy, but other than that this is fantastic

It would benefit from more purple in the legs, as well as making the shoulders closer to the torso.

well our upper bodys are small too, where the rib cage ends that is where the upper torso ends, plus i did well in corperating a 4 point shoulder articulation into a small area

The armor is messy in some areas, but I do like the core design.

In my opinion, it makes the area at the sides of the torso very empty. It adds to the articulation but takes away from the bulky appearance most of the MOC is going for.

idk what you mean by this, but the shoulder shouldn’t be thinner than the arm.[quote=“TheLeg0Br0ny, post:7, topic:28434”]
plus i did well in corperating a 4 point shoulder articulation into a small area

Then show it off! I’d love to see some poses!

you can cause one of the prizes is a how to on the whole upper body build

I just want to see it posed in a different way than with the arms straight down, so I could see what the shoulder area can do. I don’t want a how to on how to build it.

if you don’t want to take new photots just tell me


The shoulders are a little too long for me. Everything else looks great. I especially like the colors.

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the upper torso looks like it shouldn’t support the arms

This moc is as cool as it is big… it is amazing. The colours work fairly well and man those fingers are great

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and yet it does

But still, mate.

ya gotta make it look like it could.


If you could try to put the arms a little closer to the chest, or perhaps find a way to make the torso a bit bigger, I think it would GREATLY improve the moc, but other than that. This is a good and solid build.

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My only issue is the odd legs and feet. But apart from that, looks good.

This is great! The shoulders are a bit far apart, so you might want to move them a bit closer to the body.

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