Níðhöggr bringer of ragnarök

A hall I saw,
far from the sun,
On Nastrond it stands,
and the doors face north,
Venom drops
through the smoke-vent down,
For around the walls
do serpents wind.
I there saw wading
through rivers wild
treacherous men
and murderers too,
And workers of ill
with the wives of men;
There Nithhogg sucked
the blood of the slain,
And the wolf tore men;
would you know yet more?

From below the dragon
dark comes forth,
Nithhogg flying
from Nithafjoll;
The bodies of men
on his wings he bears,
The serpent bright:
but now must I sink.
Völuspá, Bellows translation

this is my rendition of the norse beast Nidhogg. I mostly based it of off the poetic edda. Especially the second part of the two i copied above.

these tow first pictures are based on the mentions of Nidhogg in pre Ragnarök tales. Stuck in helheim underneath one of the three roots of yggdrasill, gnawing through it from beneath. once he gets through it signifies the start of Ragnarök, the final battle. in the post Ragnarök world Nidhogg is one of the survivors and takes the place as ruler of the underworld tormenting all who get sent there.

let`s move on to the moc itself.

in most mentions Nidhogg is described as a serpent. thereby the slender and snake like body.

the last part of the poem pasted in the beginning mentioned wings. thereby the wings. it also mentioned he bears the bodies of men on his wings.thereby the bones on the edges on one wingpair i dont have any more bones. also dont ask why there are four wings. idk why i chose to add an extra pair.

lastly some pics of the head

hope you`ve enjoyed my creation.





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@SwagMeister fixed

just pressing enter a few times can yield fantastic results

@Whaddon the dragon ruler of the underworld and catalyst of the apocalypse is mine!!! all mine!!!


it’s a beautiful dragon


also isn’t @prpldragon a Dragon Ruler?


@jmp thanks

@Whaddon i could try but it`s seriously quite huge


Not much to say. I would love those INSTRUCTIONS!
awesome MOC man here is my GIF to you.

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Weird, colorful, and what in the world does that name mean?

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Looks amazing! I’ll add it to the project.

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If i could say three words about this moc, it would be:

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Looks amazing!

@darkbrick999 Níðhöggr means malice striker
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woah that would look awsome with cloth

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:scream: That is really cool dragon,good job.

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Now that is a destroyer of the world tree.

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Quite an impressive MOC. Even though constructed mostly of long axles, I think the wings look pretty good. I like the size of this MOC, especially in the tail.

Great job, man!

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@Leoxandar @OculusNuva thanks.

i will try to get that how to up later

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The lindwyrm of destruction. Glorious