Night screach

Night screech is a dragon slave master (based on Fallout Equestria) he commands slaves to do terrible things for him. the species I mad him as is a Slim Dragon, completely thin but depends what they choose to be bulked out at when putting armour on.


Sorta cool I guess? Bit too much leg greeble but I guess the MOC itself is decent

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Great colour balancing, solid construction... not a fan of the inclusion of the dark orange colour, but since he has a crab on his tummy, that's hilarious, and forgivable XD Really like the head design. The two extra yellow plates under the eyes give him so much expressiveness.


I for got to put that the red is surpose to be lights like the lights the autobots and decepticons had from War and fall of cybertron

Good moc, need more pics

Anyway we can get a pic of this just standing up?

you have to wait till march that's when this guy is coming out