Nightmare and Rugama

Here is the pair of demonic pals who are rather odd. Nightmare:

Rugama: best buds all comments and critisms welcome :slight_smile:


Great Mocs, bravo

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A little wide on the green one, but still nice.

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They are odd, but it works well here. The only thing I question is the chest on Nightmare with the two CCBS shells side by side. I think the look could be improved using a different technique. Otherwise these are neat.

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Nightmare have very weird arms. You could remake them.

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Nightmare: this one seems strange although that doesn’t make it bad. He has odd proportions and his chest is a little bit gappy. Besides that I like him.

Rugama: is most definitely the better of the 2 his build is very nice and he well proportioned. the custom legs are also very nice.

Over all they are pretty good mocs good work