Nightmare Specter self moc

My self moc.le


The basic build doesn’t seem to support the shady appearance too well.

I’m not sure what the armor on the side of the torso suppose to represent, the long and asymmetrical leg is bare, and the is fairly fitting on this moc.

A back view would be appreciated to see how some pieces are connected.


I recommend shortening the legs and making the asymmetrical armour look better. Also try a more complex build, it just feels awesome to make a moc how you want it.

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Have you two meet before? Because it’s impossible to help someone with a build from a user that recently joined unless you interact online/irl before hands.

It’s, uh…

It seems very mismatched and cluttered. He’s got too many leg joints to actually look realistic, and I can’t understand for the life of me what’s going on with the head. You’ve also got four different variations of a red colour, something that doesn’t really help the MOC overall.

I guess the best part is that it doesn’t use a Rahkshi head like so many other self-mocs do.

It looks a little incomplete

bad edgy self moc is a bad edgy self moc

let me break it down

  • lanky legs
  • bad colour distribution
  • rushed
  • uninspired